Know how your driver license can be suspended

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Driving license suspension: Know how your driving license can be suspended

Driving is not just a right, it is actually a privilege. A lot of people are not concerned about losing their license when they speed up and cross a stop sign. If the driver behaves irresponsibly, his or her driving privilege can be taken away easily by a state.

If you have too violations or if you get charged with DUI or DWI, your driver license can be suspended up to four months, sometimes even for years.

Your license and your driving privileges can be temporarily suspended by a state for several reasons, like:

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol, or worse, drugs
  • If you refuse to conduct a blood-alcohol test as required by an officer
  • Over speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Get involved in an injury accident and you left the scene
  • Not paying fines related to driving
  • Not answering traffic summons
  • Not filing an accident report

Multiple Moving Violations

If you get a couple of moving violations, like speeding and running a stop light, your driver license will not be suspended yet. But if you got convicted for three or more moving violation during the past three years, your driver license can be suspended. Specifications depend on the state you are in. There are states that suspend the driver license of 18-year-olds after just one moving violation.

Points System

Most states use the point system to suspend driver licenses. If you get too many points in a period of time, you may lose your license. Motor vehicle accidents can be translated into points, even if the court didn’t determine who was at fault.

Most states have two point systems.

State A counts most moving violations as one point, while excessive speed is two points. And if you get four points in one year, six in two, and eight in three, your driver license will be suspended.

Meanwhile, State B counts minor violations as two points and more serious violations as three or more. If a driver gets 12 points in a period of three years, the driver license will be suspended.

To know if the suspension of your driver license was legal and right, you can consult or hire an attorney.

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