Baha Mar Resort Enters Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy has been witnessed to provide an organization a relief from the heavy debts. Hence, it was not a surprise that the mega resort Baha Mar which was set to open in December 2014, filed chapter 11 bankruptcy pertaining to the delay in its development. In accordance with the US laws when an […]


How to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

The gorgeous $3.5 billion paradisiacal mega resort Baha Mar is in the news again. Since its construction initiated, there are travelers waiting for it to start. However, it seems this is not going to take place for some more time. It is because the mega resort has filed for Bankruptcy chapter 11 pertaining to the […]


The need of degrading Puerto Rico by US agencies

Puerto Rico is in the news related to the debt crisis. It is associated to the debt amount which is owed by the Government of Puerto Rico. More than $70 billion of outstanding debt and a debt to GDP ratio of 68% is at stake. The island has borrowed money with the aid of issuing […]


How much Plaintiff lawyers charge?

A plaintiff lawyer is the attorney who represents the suing party in a lawsuit. In fact, this is exactly what a plaintiff lawyer pursues, he or she represents the persons who have been damaged in the financial or physical form and are suing for the purpose. So, if in a hospital some inappropriate medication is […]


What is Plaintiff lawyer?

If you are dealing with some sort of legal turbulence in the form of physical harm or financial trouble with corporation, hospitals, business organization, insurance companies, then, a plaintiff lawyer can definitely rescue you and avail your rights. So, basically a plaintiff lawyer represents people who are injured in any form without their own fault. […]


Chapter 11 protection in favor of Molycorp Inc.

If a company or an organization is unable to repay its creditors or keep its business alive, the debtor under the norms and rules can file for the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. In this genre of bankruptcy, the debtor usually proposes a reorganization plan to take care of their monetary turbulence. When pursued in the right […]

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