Top reasons that can severely affect your landlord business

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Mistakes that will definitely affect your landlord business

There are mistakes that will definitely affect your landlord business and these are what you should avoid.

1.Tenant discrimination intentionally or unintentionally. This warrants a one-way ticket to a legal proceeding. It’s only natural for a landlord to be asking questions on the screening process. However, sometimes, some landlords just overstep the limits by asking discriminating questions on race, gender, religion, color, ethnicity, and family status. The Fair Housing Act prohibits landlords to refuse rent to tenants based on the discriminatory grounds mentioned. Asking questions about it can result to a lawsuit. People miles away will hear about this and in the long run could affect the business.

2. Failure to be honest with the prospective tenant. This already breaks the trust on the tenant-landlord relationship. If the landlord has failed to disclose specific information such as the notice of mold, information about the sexual offender registry, notice of sex offenders in the area, recent deaths in the area and other information that the landlord is actually very aware of but has failed to share to the tenant, that is considered a legal mistake.

3.Failure to provide a safe environment. It is a tenant’s right to have a peaceful and save environment to live in and it’s the landlord’s duty to make sure that it is.  The responsibilities of keeping repairs and maintenance round the clock are high. Every state requires that the rented property have an implied warranty of habitability. That means there should be heating, plumbing, clean water, safe floor and safe roof, gas, and electricity. Neglect can result to a lawsuit, which in turn can ruin the business.

4.Ignoring tenants right to privacy. If you walk all over a person’s right to privacy, much more to a tenant’s right to privacy, you will have to answer to the law.

If you’re not sure what else are considered legal mistakes when it comes to being a landlord, consult a lawyer. Fill the Enquiry Form available on the right side, immediately you will be contacted by a professional lawyer from your state.

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