Therapy and Adjustment for Divorced Couples

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Therapy and Adjustment for Divorced Couples

When a couple get divorced, despite the relief, they may also experience feelings of guilt, anger, anxiety and confusion. A divorce can be particularly stressful on higher level for both spouses if children are involved. Seeking therapy to help you understand whether you should consider reconciliation or being counselled to get on with your life are effective ways for individuals and couples.

There are some reasons like feelings of contempt and disrespect for the spouse; avoiding discussion or interaction or not behaving empathically that can lead couples to a divorce situation. Knowing and understanding them can help a couple accept the positive effects of a therapy wholeheartedly.

A divorce acts as a transition period for couples. This process can be mentally, financially and physically draining for both the spouses. Therapy on an individual basis can help the couple from getting rid of the fear; depression; and anxiety, they’re experiencing. They can see themselves and their life in a new light and consider this a chance of personal development and growth.

Therapy can be helpful for divorcing or divorced couples and also their children. A therapist can set guidelines and help couples achieve divorce with minimum hostility and emotional harm while acting as a mediator of sorts.

Divorce proceedings can be expensive and lengthy. Hence, mediation is a more communicative, non-expensive and better option that allows couples to reach an agreeable settlement on division of assets, child support and custody, etc. in the presence of a mediator.

Recovery after a divorce is a process that takes time and effort. A newly divorced couple may have difficulty adjusting with the change in their lives, and of those around them. The stress involving financial security, welfare of kids, etc can be better coped with the help of the safe and empowering divorce recovery therapy experience.

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