Child Support And Alimony

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Its not easy to get child support and alimony in some cases but if you go through a legal consultation over your case. you should be able to find a better solution to your issues. Try to find affordable alimony lawyers in your area. Submit your case details to get attorney for representation on alimony payments. We helped many alimony cases, see examples below.


My ex- girlfriend filed a child support custody.and csea send me letter that i have to pay $661.00 per month i  think that is too much for me…is there a way  if i can lower my child support.. thanks

I’ve been married to him for 11 years he’s been cheating doesn’t want to help me decided and had 2 children by another women while still married to me

My husband wants a divorce but says he doesn’t have to pay me alimony here. he also wants me to file for the divorce but i dont want one. but i know the marriage is over so i am ready to begin the process. we do own a home together but that is all, all other property was obtained during the marriage.

My husband left went to rehab but has a job and has support me for 10 yrs  but now want help me at all

I would love to get some information about alimony please.

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