Medical Records in Personal Injury

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Medical records helps in assessing damages

When a person is injured because of the negligence of someone then the person can file the personal injury case. This personal injury case is filed in order to claim the damages for personal injury from the negligent party. These damages generally include the compensation for the pain and suffering the person goes through, medical expenses of the hospital and also the lost salary and wages of the person injured. It is a difficult process to assess the amount of damages but the medical records and examinations will help the person to calculate the extent of injury and lose of the person.

Here are some reasons why medical records are necessary any personal injury case.

Medical records help in assessing the damages – The medical records are solid proof for the damages occurred to the person during personal injury. These records could be from the hospital, medical practitioners, physical therapist and all those who have seen that pain you have gone through. The medical records also give a proof that how it has changed your life and in future what will be the side effects of this injury. It is important to seek medical help immediately after any injury. The medical records will clearly mention the condition of the patient before and after medical treatment. It will also specify which parts of the body have been affected adversely because of the injury.

Defendant may request for medical examination – There are many insurance companies who need to do medical examination in most of the personal injury cases. The insurance company hires their own doctors to get the medical examination done; the medical records play an important role during the examination. The medical records prove to be a solid proof to support your claim for the damages in the personal injury.

These medical records are then need to be reviewed by the insurance companies and the lawyers in order to assess the strength of the claim. As per the federal and state laws, the injured party has to give access to the medical records even though these are supposed to be confidential.

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