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My wife put a ppo again me and i would want to know if i can get annulment.  she didn’t tell the true on the ppo. i went to count and i blank out.

I got married last july’15 and my husband choose to live with his kids again and ex wife. i came here as fiancee visa, what will happen to me if my husband file an annulment case? can i still live here in us? i am still waiting for my green card, were still living together with my 2 kids until my interview for change of status. please help me.

I was married to my husband on november 20, 2015 and on november 25, 2015 he tells me he has colon cancer and copd and he is very ill.  he abandon me the same day stating he didn’t want me to be burdened with him and his illness.  i wasn’t given an option as he moved out the same day against to remain married, regardless of the illness.
I would like to ex punge my record because i had a security job they ran my background & fired me cause of two summary offenses i pled guilty too in 1999

I need to get out of this marrigae. i got married may 29, 2015 and its been pure hell. i have been a punching bag by an alcohol. i have been abused mentally, physically, and emotionally. please help me.

I am 63 and disabled. about 3 months ago i got married. 3 weeks ago i got kicked out by her, her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend. i have received annulment papers and a waiver to sign on fraud, duress and force. i need advice on what to do.

I was entrapped into having a child and into marriage with a woman that has severe psychological problems.  i married her under what i have researched duress.  i have sustained verbal, mental, and financial abuse from said person.  i have only been married since october 16th.  she has taken the child out of our home and obtained friends who are leading her to her actions.  she is a pot smoker.  i want a dna test done and to terminate the marriage and to terminate my rights to the child.  i have no connection with either.  i cannot stand the abuse no longer.  i just want to end it all.

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