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I trying to get custody of my niece who i have been taking care of the majority of the past 3 yrs. Her mother is emotionally unstable and has been diagnosed with anxiety and bi polar issues and is off her meds. I fear for my nieces well being. She is 4 yrs old and has had it rough with her mom. Her joy and stability is here. Her mom is an alcoholic and uses prescription drugs recreationally. She signed a paper giving me guardianship while she got her life together. She has since left her husband and moved. Cps placed the child with me back in sept. I just want to get custody of her so that i can better protect her legally.

Hi I just had a baby in December 28 2013 n the father was never around not before or after he didnwant to be in the child life till he got DNA papers saying he is the father I fear for my child cause I have wittiness in front if him n his mom that he has ADHD n they have told me he has a servire case of bipolr disorder n dont seek treatment I feel that he should not be alone with my child with out me around an him seeing his child should be on m time when Im not at work like I have messages about him wanting to shoot his self cause nothing goes his way please help me

He has been in and out of prison he use to hit me , he is a drunk and uses drugs , he doesn want to help me with money of any kind and its hard to be a single parent

I Have a little boy he is about to be two well his father just got out of prison and he is threating to take him from me . So I am trying to get in done up in court so he cant just come to my house or anywhere and take him from me or someone else that he might be with

I am wanting to get my child father rights removed. He hasnhad a lot to do with her nor has he paid child support. He is in and out of jail a lot.

I m having issues with the mother of my chuld for vistation. I just want to see my child. I have years of saved messages via tect and Facebook of ridiculous reasons she has to not allow me to see her. Please help me. I pay 925 a month in child support and only make 1200. Please help.

The mother of our children and I,which were never married recently seperated. she has obtained a ex parte protection order against me and is now seeking full custody of our children.

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