Things a tenant should know about rental agreement

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Rent payment depends on the agreement you have made with the landlord.

Rents are usually due on the first day of the month. But generally, rent payment depends on the agreement you have made with the landlord. It may be specified in the agreement that you pay the rent on the first of the month in the form of a check .

Landlord Usually Sets Up Rental Agreement

Rental agreements should be put in details. The landlord is legally allowed to have his or her own monthly payment date. It could be paid monthly or weekly. There are landlords who collect payment on the date when the tenants transferred to that property. The landlord calls the shots on most rental issues, but there is nothing wrong if you negotiate the terms with your landlord.

Weekend or Legal Holiday

Rental agreements usually states that if the rent is due on a weekend or on a legal holiday, it should be paid on the next business day. This is legally required in a lot of states. But most generally follows this sensible practice.

Mailing Rent

Most agreements require you to pay your rent by mailing a check to the business address of your landlord. This is the most common rent payment method, unless your landlord has an office close to the property. Mail the check a few days before the due date, so that it will arrive on time.

Consequences of Not Paying Rent

There are some consequences if you don’t pay the rent on time. The landlord may contact you, demanding for your rent. The landlord will start to assess late fees. The worse thing you landlord will do is give you a termination notice. The notice will state that if you will not pay the rent in a certain period of time, then you have to move to another property. This is when the eviction proceedings will begin.

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