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Declaring a marriage null and void is considered to be the process under Annulment. You can get annulment instead of a divorce and it can be considered good at early years of marriage when you are exploring more about your partner. Annulment help you to remove all expects of your marriage like it never happened.

There are many cases ( look below for some of the annulment requests we server ) of annulment filed in court every year. If you are also looking for Annulment, why not submit your case here and find an experienced annulment attorney. you can get help easily.

What do I need to apply for legal aid? Can I get an annulment instead of a divorce?

I got married October 27, 2013.  My husband moved out about 1 week before Christmas.  He will not give me his new address.  He moved out in 6 weeks time.  He threatened to harm my 15 year old son, was drinking way to much.

I got married to my live in boyfriend of 7 years in Dec.2012. we were married. our marriage is more like a partnership than a marriage.  we have no sex, which is not that important to me, but he drinks and changes his attitude through his drinking and is not going to stop his destructive behavior.  I just feel it best that we get this marriage annulled.  I told him I would file if he doesn’t seek help by April 1st.

I have been married since Nov 25 2014 and i have an 11 week old son. Found out my husband was seeking the company of another woman he works with.

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