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They say marriages made in heaven, but sometimes it went wrong and couple stuck in Divorce and Alimony. you got so many things in life and need financial support. health issues, insurance, property, injuries … all need financial support and for that you need Alimony. So find affordable alimony lawyers in your area. Submit your Divorce case details to get attorney for representation on alimony payments. We helped many alimony cases, see examples below.


I have been common law married for over 20 years and my husband took off to texas and left me behind.  i have health issues and need insurance i am inquiring about spousal support and how to obtain his social security and pension he is 55 and i am 53

Filed lien on a property for alimony that my ex-husband quick claimed to his new wife while in the middle of a lawsuit on fee payment.  the suit on fees is in the supreme court–this lawsuit would be against a title company who closed the loan, though the lien was recorded without clearing the title, and issuing title insurance to the new purchaser.

I’ve been married for 20 years. we have 1 son that’s currently in college.  i became disable in 2013 which caused me to stop working after 23 years. everything want normal for about 18 months. my income changed dramatically ,(-75% ) which put the largest part of the household budget on my wife.  during the last 16 months she’s been talking about divorce.  now she’s telling me that she will be leaving very soon  (2-3 months or sooner) . my disabilities are, ( chronic asthma, copd, hepatitis c and enphazima) i take 10 different pills (medication) oxygen machine and i use a nebulizer machine 3-4 times daily.  i’ve tried finding part time jobs with very little success.  nevertheless it appears that she’s moving forward with her plans.  i need your help regarding  this matter . my wife annual income is about 55k. she said that she will be moving in with her mother  ( 91) where mostly everything is paid for. our current household budget is about 3500 per month.  i receive 1600 per month from disability which is mostly used for my ongoing medical issues which is not included in monthly budget.  please advise, thanks in advance for any services your team with be able to provide.

I agreed on divorce terms, and signed papers a few weeks after a traumatic brain injury in which i had spent approximately a week in intensive care.

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