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Good to have Real Estate lawyer

When buying your own home, you will need to garner the assistance of a Real Estate lawyer to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. There are a number of demands that you, as the client, can expect from your lawyer.

They are there to log and review every element of the process. From inspections and surveys, to the transfer of funds and leases, the Real Estate lawyer is the one stop shop to resolve any potential difficulties as soon as possible. If needed, they are able to file and defend law suits if any are brought because of any disputes in a particular transaction.

Your lawyer will be able to draft relevant documents such as deeds, leases and rental agreements. It is important to recognise that any document which has not been drafted or revised by a licensed lawyer is not legally binding. This does not stop you from having assistance from an agent, or other third party, to complete documentation.

If you are unsure of how to negotiate your way through the financial side of a transaction, then a lawyer will be able to do this for you acting upon your instructions. They will also review the transaction at the point of completion, ensuring that all of the paperwork is complete and without error. Their trained eye will be able to spot anomalies that the client will not. This will stop you inadvertently falling through a complex legal trapdoor.

Finally, where litigation is required, your Real Estate lawyer will prepare everything and represent you at court in order to try and find a suitable settlement in your favour.

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