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Are you in need to claim for auto accident?  don’t worry you can get one in just few minutes. just submit your details like other just did and connect to an auto accident lawyer.


My 2001 Dodge Truck took a 30-40 MPH impact on the front right tire. The insurance company after threatening holding them liable for the safety of my children replaced the steering box. They claimed all other problems with my truck was because of wear parts. I have replaced all wear parts, need my truck operational and will give any lawyer 75% of anything they beleive they can get and I would appreciate going very big just for the principal of the matter. Just want my truck back to normal. Thank You

I had a car accident with uninsured motorist. She refused pay estimate damage. I want to file Small Claims Court and try to get some money back to fix my car. What is the procedure? I got insurance exchange form, so I have a lot of her info. but she put P.O.Box for the address. I call police so I have his name. But he didt gave her ticket or made a report.

Someone drove my car with out coverage and she get to an accident now the other party want me to pay deductable of 5367.44. My licence is cancel because of that and now I have to respond the court otherwise they will go after what I have.I only have five days left to answer.

Dear sir,Great to know your company.It looks like your service meets mey requirement.Can you show me more about it? Thank you.

Siter took my uninsured car without permission. She got in and accident.Now im getting letters from the insurance company.She does not have a license either.

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