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Fight Speeding Ticket

Each one of you reading this is well aware of the speeding ticket. And it is a probability that you too might have got one of those sometime or you may have got more than one. However, if you think that nothing can be done about it if you are not guilty you are actually wrong. There are chances when an individual may not be wrong in violation of the speed limit or may be in some situation which allow for reason to exempt from the ticket.
The speeding ticket in such a case can be avoided by fighting against it. So for this you need to know that there are three types of speed limit. There is the absolute speed limit, presumed speed limit and the basic speed limit. For the absolute speed limit if the driver is even at 1mph above the posted limit he or she is liable to get a ticket. If you have violated the same, the probable defense can be that the device which is being used for the speed track or the method which the officer is utilizing for the record is not appropriate. There can be some emergency situation or you can also claim that the officer mistook your car for another one.
The presumed speed limit implies that you are accused of driving unsafely with relation to the present traffic situation. For such cases you can claim that since you did not violate the absolute speed limit hence you cannot be ticketed. And then you can also claim that you were driving safely in consideration with the road conditions at that time. Then there is also the basic speed limit. In accordance with the basic speed limit you can neither drive too slow nor too fast. However, this one is really tedious to deal with. To fight any speeding ticket, you must need to hire an affordable lawyer which you can easily get online too.

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