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If you received a traffic ticket, its possible that you may face more than just fine and court appearance. it depends on the traffic violation you did and the state regulations over traffic laws. Your fines and obligations are also depend upon your prior record. The best way to handle your traffic ticket by hiring a traffic ticket lawyer.  Connect to a traffic ticket attorney of your area in just 10 minutes. following cases already enjoying this services, submit your case right NOW.

I have 3 traffic violations, driving with suspended registration, lapse of insurance and knowingly and willingly driving vehicle this way. My next court date is Aug 4.

I need a free legal attorney for people with disable for 2 traffic tickets moving violations

Got pulled over for using a cellphone at a traffic jam and not moving. Cant afford to have 5 points racked up on my name and need to settle with less.

I got a traffic ticket and by the time I had funds to pay it, When I called the Department of Motor Vehicles, they told me to simply wait for a letter from MDR and pay the fine.  I did so.  I was then stopped by a police officer for a bad turn and he informed me that my license had been suspended.  I called the MDR to see that they had received the money and was told they had and that the funds were posted.  All was good to go.  I was then stopped again by an officer and was told that my license was still suspended.  No one told me that my license was suspended in the first place nor the second time I contacted them.  I al now facing a huge fine of over 700 I cannot afford and two misdemeansors.  My wife has severe health issues and medical bills.  We need legal assistance.

I have a double suspension that is attached to my car so I can not tag it and to my license so I can not renew it. I don’t even know what it is or what it from. Also a long time ago, I got ticket and Icons to jail 3times over same ticket. Is at out the time all 3 times but after grand prairie releases me they reinstate the warrant. I even paid cash for some tickets I had out of dallas county and they still show my tickets unpaid. Is single mom and can not even find a job because I can drive and have no current I

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