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Legal aid for alimony and free legal consultation by affordable lawyers in family law. So far successfully helped many alimony cases, see following cases.


Need help to make my ex pay me my alimony it’s been since 6/1/15 he hasn’t paid me and i’m struggling


Husband has abandoned the home without notice. we have three kids living in the home. i cannot afford the bills. he is the main provider.


My husband has cheated on me and he’s leaving me in a financial bind because i only work part time and i can’t maintain all the bills that we have.


My divorce and mediation documents. contain court ordered alimony. my ex husband paid for 4or5 months. in november he behind a year. i am disabled with very little income. i cannot get help with this matter. i can pay some down and will be happy to make payments. i have had to move in with my son in order to have a place to live. thank you


My husband has filed divorce. i received them four  days ago. i am totally financially unable to afford a lawyer. i am seeking alimony from him. i have talked with several law firms whom want money for consultations. please help me. i am fighting a battle that i feel i will not win. thank you for your time.


My husband left on december 11,2015. told me he found a better place to live and didn’t want me to go with him. we have been communicating because of our financial debt of credit cards. he told me he would pay all the cards and my rent. now he tells me he doesn’t want to help me. i am disabled and i get social security. he is 20 year military veteran. he also gets his social security benefits. we have been married for 15 years. we don’t have assets. i want to know what are my rights?

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