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Just because you work in a company that has workers compensation doesn’t mean you’re entitled for coverage right away. Although it’s very unfortunate that you met an accident or that you are related to someone who passed away, there are certain illnesses and injuries that will qualify a certain employees to the workers compensation claim and these are what you need to be mindful of.

  1. First and foremost, the accident, illness, or death should be work related. If it’s not then you or your loved ones cannot claim the workers compensation coverage.
  2. There are injuries that are caused by repetitive motion. Every year, about six million injuries that are work-related occur in the US. Some of these injuries are classified under the Repeated Motion Injuries (RMIs). An example of this is the carpal tunnel syndrome – the injury that affects the hands, wrists, and forearms acquired because of long hours of computer exposure. Our body is simply not designed to do repeated motions a thousand times and over in a short period of time. This type of injury is of course covered by the workers compensation claim.
  3. Another form of injury is called Repetitive Stress Injury or RSI. A study has shown employees who are not satisfied with their jobs develop RSI. The damage caused by this injury can be short term or long term in a range of simple to life threatening.  This is covered by the workers compensation claim.
  4. Emotional problems and digestive problems caused by work or related to work are recognized by the courts and covered by the workers compensation claim, that’s because stress related injuries play a major role in getting Cancer or heart related diseases.
  5. Occupational illness is covered by the workers compensation claim especially on cases that a work-related injury has increased the chances of the employee suffering from what he or she acquired. Just make sure you or your loved one has a clean lifestyle because investigation related to this claim is very meticulous and very grueling.
  6. Death in a workplace is covered by workers compensation. The claim can be filed by the dependents of the deceased.

If you’re not sure if the injury, illness, or death of your loved one is work-related, get the help of an attorney immediately. Fill the FORM right away and get the help from an expert.

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