Why driving and cell phone usage shouldn’t be mixed?

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Over 9 people are killed while more than 1,000 get injured in the US due to distracted driving every day

Cell phones are technologically advancing at a significantly fast pace. Before, you can only use it to text and call. Now, you can use it to browse the internet, send emails, send fax, and more. Yes, it can even help you navigate as you drive, but it is becoming a very big distraction for drivers.

Some may be confident with their hand-eye-coordination, but common sense tells that driving and cell phone usage is a very dangerous thing to do. It can jeopardize your life, the life of your passengers, and even the life of the pedestrian.

Distraction driving

You attention will be split when you are driving while using your cell phone. When you do this, it will be difficult for you to notice road signs. There are even studies reporting that the part of your brain that navigates your cell phone, could also be the same part of your brain you use to drive. Over 9 people are killed while more than 1,000 get injured in the US due to distracted driving every day.

The accidents and the studies linking cell phone usage and driver distraction pushed for laws regarding texting and driving.

Legal prohibitions

  • 12 states in America and D.C. completely ban drivers from using hand-held phones while they drive. However, there are 37 states including D.C. that prohibits the use of cell phones while driving for novice.
  • There are also 18 states and D.C. banning school bus drivers from using cell phone while driving.
  • 43 states including D.C. bans text message for all drivers, 6 states prohibits novice from texting while driving, while 3 states ban school bus drivers from texting while driving.

In 2009, President Barrack Obama banned federal employees from texting while they drive a government vehicle or in a government business. In 2010, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration banned drivers of commercial vehicles from texting while they drive.

However, if you get tangled in lawsuits involving the usage of cell phone while driving, it would be best to hire a lawyer to help you with the whole legal processes.

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