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Situations brings you financial crisis and break you upto bankruptcy. You might need to stop a garnishment, pay your debts, may be lost your job and have to support child custody or alimony etc. Filling for bankruptcy can be a good option for you, Look for different bankruptcy options as others did in following cases and get legal advice from experienced bankruptcy Attorney.

I would like information on how to file for bankruptcy but get help from the county to pay it off since I am not working.

I want to find a lawyer to get my license re-instated by making child support arrangements and filling bankruptcy . with low down payment with payment options available

I need to file my bankruptcy by august of 2012 and i want to get started with getting all my documents together and i need to ask some question about some other things. please call me asap. thank you

I need to file bankruptcy to stop a garnishment i have other debt and i m the only income in a family of four and i really need help or we might loose our home i have never done this before so it might take me some time to understand the process

I lost my job and couldn’t find another one plus my daughter got sick and I did not have health insurance. I have received truth in fact and stipulation of settlement forms. I receive daily phone calls from morning until night . I do not have that much money to hire a lawyer but need relief. Need volunteer or legal aide or pro bono lawyer .

I have so many bills that i cant pay. Being harass with phone calls by creditors. I have no job. These bills have been related to my alcoholism problem.

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