Understand the DUI police report

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Understand your police report

The dui police report you receive contains the evidences against you in the DUI case. These are the evidences that you must overcome in the trial.

The report will have the results of the preliminary alcohol-screening test, blood or urine test, and the narrative of the arresting officers.

You might be shocked as you see the police report, because you might not agree with some of the information in it. But this is just a routine for these officers. Plus, they won’t stray away from the information in this report as they testify in court. You can use the police report to win the case. If the police’s testimony is different from what is written in the report, then his testimony can be discredited and you will win.

Blood Test

A blood test with .08% or more can put you in a very bad position. There is not much excuse for a blood test, but if you have a really good attorney, he might figure out how to challenge the results of the blood test. They can challenge the prosecution if they can prove that the blood that was tested was the same blood they took from you.

Breath Test

Just like the blood test, it would be had to challenge the results of a breath test, especially if the results are .11% or more. There are some loopholes in the breath test though, because there are a lot of requirements involved with it. This can lead to a claim that the authorities mishandled the test.

Urine Test

This is the least accurate test among the blood, breath and urine tests. This is why only a few states are left using this test. This test is very inaccurate, because the amount of alcohol in your urine may not be the same as the amount of alcohol in your blood.

A .08% blood alcohol test is as good as conviction, even if you win. If you really want to beat your DUI case, find out the best options by consulting or hiring the best lawyer.

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