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Received 2 traffic tickets and was found guilty after appealing for racing on highways. Received a letter of suspension for my drivers license as a result and want to find out about an appeal.


I was involved in an accident and only received civil traffic violations and now i was contacted by an attorney but didnt speak with her i received a message about it and from here i need help.


I received 6 traffic tickets of which only 2 are mine. The deputy that issued them is trying to get it straightened out. My tickets are allowing unlicensed operation and allowing uninsured operation. The judge told me I should consult a lawyer because of the uninsured operation. I cant afford a lawyer because I have no income at this time


i got a traffic ticket for running a red light which the light was yellow when i went under it


I was driving for a car lot. and the dealer plates fell of the back of the cars that we was driving , so we put the plates in the front window of the cars. we was stop for no plates, but we did has plates . but we was all issued tickets.


I have a traffic case, driving on suspended license. I cant afford an attorney at this time, but the Judge advised me to obtain counsel because the Assistant State Attorney was requesting for jail time being as though this isnt my first time receiving this charge. I cannot afford to be incarcerated even if it is for 10 days. I have a great job that I dont want to take the risk of using. I honestly had no idea of my license being suspended. I was in the county for a court ordered visitation with my child because my childs mother wasnt willing allowing me to visit my child. I was always assisted by a Sheriff for just in case my childs mother caused any problems. Each time the Sheriff always had to run my license and this particular time they ran it and my license was suspended. Please help

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