Spousal Support While Filing For Divorce

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Bills, expenses, no work…are you worrying about the situation you are going to face after divorce ? How to get Alimony, how to get spousal support ? you should get some legal consultation by affordable lawyers. Go ahead fill out your case form and connect to a lawyer. So far successfully helped many alimony cases, see following cases.


When i got a divorce, i just wanted to be nice. i didn’t know i could get money from him. i had a boyfriend and i lived with my daughter. now i am living on my own and my bills cost more than my pension i get. i don’t know what to do.

I was married for nearly 8 years and my husband divorced me whilst living overseas, specifically. i never even signed any divorce papers, it was all done by him within 24 hours. i was merely presented with the final documents in a foreign language.

I am a uk citizen living in the us currently under a working visa via my husbands work.  the green card is in process.  my husband and i are looking to separate.  we have one daughter (15yrs).  i have barely any money in my own right. what can i do?

Separated from husband for over a year. refuses separation agreement and alimony. just finished 8 months of school and working part time.  he is retired ltc and currently gs14 federal employee with income ovè 150k.

I am retired military my is receiving half of my retirement. she going to be married soon, and her income has increased a lot. i would like to get that half of my retirement back.

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