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I need help with my divorce. I divorcing because my husband was a was abused.

I am in desperate need of a divorce. My husband has been physically abusive, with a extensive criminal background. Please help me.

Divorce and was served a settlement agreement that I was forced to sign under duress and need the papers thrown out

Need a payment planGoing through a divorce, we have one minor child together and we are bothing fighting for custody of the minor child. We do not have any other property or assests to be split.

I was late having my spouse served with divorce papers and our case was dismissed yesterday. i am trying to see if i can get it reinstated.

Need a payment plan.I dont love him no more.he is a DRINKER WE FUSS ALL THE TIME.IAM JUST NOT HAPPY WIT HIM AND MORE.

Still married i supported him for 4 years sold the house and after 10 months in new place he left with all them money nov i asked him for my money and he send me two thousand does not want to give me my money he moved to las vegas i no longer talk to him i want someone to help me get my money

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