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Married less than 6 months.  wife has brain tumor and on 14 meds. she saids she wanted to get married to have a husband next to her before she died.  she is now with someone else.  things are surfacing showing that she never intended to stay married and was alreeady looking for a new partner online one week into the marriage.  she seems more interested in the ring than the relationship. and there is more.  it is too sad and too hard for me to discuss on here.

I got married on july 1, 2015. on january  4, 2016, after some deep soul searching, i found out she hasnt/wasnt divorced from her prior husband.


I was married on july 1,2015 to my 10yr girlfriend who i have children with. well in january i started soul searching about if she was divorced which she told me she was. during the summer of 2015, she sent me a picture text of a alleged divorce. it was bogus because after moving back in together i asked to see it. nothing to this day! shes still married to her prior husband and i just want to relinquish myself from the marriage. thank you.


I was suted by my husband that our marriage should be annulment?marriage was done  on january 29th?2015i need a  lawyer to help me

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