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I looking for a legal aid lawyer To help me with my divorce  I have already file for a divorce and went to count upon it. I stood before the judge she told me to have him server and to get a lawyer . I have already file child support and was granted child support , I went to count on it in sept of last yr And now I am coming to u to find help with this  Me and my further husband have no car or truck together we have no further together so there nothing to spit up there  I have were about on address to were he could be  And he is going to church close by  I know this bc my neighbor gos there  She tells me if and went he gos  He has been in and out of jail for over a year for drugs and some more stuff  He has send the kids one letter and that was a week after I file for a divorce using the address I gave went I file for a divorce I still have those letters  if that helps  I have no income coming in as I have file for disablitiy and me and child are staying with my mom and dad until I get it  So I just need a lawyer to help me


I’m embarrassed and ashamed that while I was out on disability from work for severe mental issues I married someone I did not. Know. A. The time I was drinking daily   taking a large quantity of benzos. Luckily  less than 2 months into it I got a DUI and went to rehab. I never went back to his home  never gave up my apt. I went to rehab  and dont remember much of that time period.   I also think he may be mentally challenged. I want annulment and away from this mistake. Please help


Need a payment plan.Was going through uncontested divorce, soon to be ex husband wants to now make it contested because He doesnt want pay alimony.  I am unemployed and only have unemployment to pay of attorney so I can only make payments


Divorce, I am on disable and looking for lawyer to help with this matter, my problem is visitation, he has seen his kids in almost 5 years, not that I don have a lawyer, It is a problem, the judge will give me a refere, plus help me, I go back on the 10th of july


Ive been seperated almost 3 yrs now.I left because of abuse.I left a job of 5yrs years to move to my mothers.I need help with the divorce paper and how to fill then out.Any help would be appericated.Im now unemployed.

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