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I need to petition the court to move out of state with our minor daughter. I have sent a certified, return receipt letter notifying her father of our intentions. I have not received a reply, but I am sure he will say no and we will have to put this before the court.

My daughter father Dont let me see my daughter he moved I dont no where no moved to I am calling him and texting me doesnt want me to see my daughter please help me

I need a probono lawyer to help me fight my case. i was in a abusive relationship and was asked to leave by CPS and signed a safety plan. i did not return to my abuser. 4 days later CPS took my kids. its been 3 weeks and they are giving me the run around while my children are in foster care. please help me.

Son was released to me from his school on the afternoon of May 28th. DCFS hotline was contacted. Abuse from ex live in boyfriend is the issue. DCFS reccomends emergency temp custody with no visitation. I have my son…his school authorized release for remainder of the year with no affect on his grades or attendance. My son does not want to go back to mothers…does not trust boyfriend and is fearful. Technically, I am supposed to bring my son to meet with his mother this weekend. Cannot verify but Live in Boyfriend has agreed to not be present. He has a warrant for domestic violence…his license is revoked for failure to pay child support in his own affairs…has had an alias name or two in other situations. The core of the issue is my son does not want to go back…

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