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After Divorce child custody and support is the second most prioritized case with parents, most often it becomes a really bad situation with growing child. you need more money at every stage of life to support your child expenses. So you need legal advice from local Child support lawyer, we can help you to find a good lawyer and get free consultation on your child custody cases , see below others also got there case consultations easily by submitting case details here.


My son have a baby 9 month and me and my husband was given money cash a other like diaper and wipes ,and she went to court for child support and she don’t let my son to see the baby so we need legal advice

I gross weekly 720.00 after taxes 570.00, child suppor 283.00 , insurance by employer198.78 that Attorney General request that i must have . Leaves a balance of almost 100.00 , i have already lost my home , and filed bankruptcy , and will loose my truck next month , if i cant get some immediate attention. And i cant asked for modification until August 2014. How do i make a living when everything i make is gone .

I have full custody of my son.his dad has visitation rights.. he was ordered to pay support.. he payed it ok wen he was but now it been a big issue with his dad paying.. the support was awarded in yr 2000..  i need to see about getting the payment taken directly from his wages and possibly going up on the amount.. Our son is 14 years old.. so his needs cost more..

The amount i being charge for child support way over board. where i am unable to pay my rent and eat, to the point i am about to be homeless because i cannot afford to do anything after I pay for the child support.

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