Child Custody Types & Arrangements

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Child custody arrangements

If you are willing to understand the child custody during the divorce proceedings, you should understand first about the arrangements and child custody types in the concerned laws. Nearly all the laws have classified the custody into two classes as

  • Legal and
  • Physical custody.

The legal custody is the one in which the parents have the right to make the child’s life major decisions with regard to his studies, health and development. In contrast to the legal custody, the physical custody means the how the child is living on a daily basis.

In the US laws, two basic kinds of the custody arrangements persist as

  • Sole and
  • Joint custody of the child.

Sole custody is when only one parent whether its mother or father holds the whole child’s rights with regard to his education, health and development and the other parent does not have any obligations towards the child legally. And in the joint custody, the child can live with both the parents some days with father and some days with the mother. And each parent has equal responsibilities towards the child.

In case of a joint custody of your child can spend half the time with father and half with the mother. This way the child does not suffer from the lack of care of one of the parent. And also he is rescued from the mental trauma of divorce.

The joint custody of your child have been equally favored the world over as it lets the child to be taken care by both the parent. Marriage which is regarded as a pure form of institution is losing its meaning nowadays. It’s becoming hard to find a soul mate who can strive to be together with you all his life. The drawback which comes after divorce is only of your child custody. Your child can’t understand the complications of a relationship so he remains disturbed due to the fights and divorce of parents. But with joint custody, your child can enjoy the attention and care of both the parents instead of one parent.

And through joint custody the tensions and conflicts between the divorced parents also lessens as they both can have equal and same rights on the child. No one can blame anyone for any decision taken in respect of your child.

But nevertheless, one should always hope that divorce does not enter the couples lives and once married they live happily ever after. On more information on child custody arrangement, feel free to seek some help from us.

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