Landlord tenant law

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Landlord tenant law of a dwelling house or a residential building is governed by tenancy law which applies real estate property law and contracts in leasehold estates. If you are a landlord, you have the mandated responsibilities and obligations to your tenants. The tenants on the other hand have rights and obligations under the law regarding the use of the leased dwelling.

States in the US have different tenancy law but these are governed by the US Fair Housing Act and the rights and obligations of the parties are codified in the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act which many states have adopted in part or in full. There is also this law known as The Ellis Act which talks about eviction of  tenants.

As Landlord

If you are the landlord, you are prohibited under The Fair Housing Act to discriminate based on race, color, religion, familial status, disability or national origin any person interested to rent your property. Be wary also of your action of selling the leased properties which are tenanted for there are legal consequences attached to it. Know your rights and obligations as landlord so you will save yourself from unwelcome litigation for violating the provisions of the law.

As Tenant

Tenants’ rights are also protected under the law. As tenants, there are prohibitions which you must comply with or else you will be evicted from your dwelling for lawful causes. Usually, one of the prohibition is that no animal or pet in the building which if violated, is a ground for your eviction. There is an exception to this of course. When you have a disability or impairment, keeping a pet like a dog is allowed by the law.

Knowing the law governing your leasehold relationship will do you good and the avoidance of future disputes and inconveniences.

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