How to get your security deposit back?

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Get back your security deposit

Before you can move in to a rented apartment, you have to deposit a big amount of money to the landlord first. This money is called the security deposit. This will cover any sizable damage you have made on the property you are renting. The question now is, how do you get your security deposit back if you are going to move out?

1.Make sure the landlord is trustworthy. That is the first thing you must do before entrusting your security deposit to the landlord. You can research about the landlord or the property company leasing the place. You can run their name on an online search engine if you want just to make sure.

2. Make a checklist of all the things in the property you will rent. Your landlord will tour you around the property before you rent it. List down every detail to make sure that he or she will not hold you accountable for any damage when the time comes that you claim your security deposit back. You can even take pictures of the entire place to have proof and to make sure

3.Make sure you maintain the good condition of the property you will be renting. Be a good steward of the apartment you are renting. Maintain and even improve if possible. This way, the landlord won’t see any damages when the time comes that you will reclaim your safety deposit.

4.If you are about to move, make a run through of the checklist and the photos you have taken before you moved in the property. Do it with your landlord.

5.If you do the first four steps, getting your deposit back would be easy. Otherwise, you can hire an attorney to help you reclaim the security deposit.

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