Dealing with your insurance company

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Dealing with insurance company

If your house gets damaged by fire or other disasters, you can look to your insurance company for reimbursements. But your success of getting relief from your insurance company may depend on certain things.

Advance claims

You don’t need to file a claim and have it approved by the insurance company to get funds to buy the clothes or other daily necessities you weren’t able to save from the fire. Your homeowners’ policy may allow you to ask the insurance provider’s representative to give you a check wherever you are. Find out if your policy only covers the house itself and not the contents in it. If you have a good insurance agent, he or she will tell you about this in advance.

Mitigate Damages

Your policy requires you to minimize or mitigate damages in your house. The insurance company will reimburse the costs of mitigating the damages as you make the claim. You need to take to mitigate damages that include stopping the smouldering, boarding up your property, and keep a keen eye to see if there are any possible further damage that may happen to your house.

File your claim immediately

Policies require you to report and file the claim as soon as you possibly can. You can contact the insurance company’s agent. You must also provide proof for your loss.
Make sure your insurance provider is doing its job properly

Insurance companies are required to provide for your needs promptly. If they delay your insurance claim unreasonably, you can write to them.

Living expenses

You should keep track of the money you spend for your living expenses, because the insurance company can also reimburse this cost. However, they only reimburse the difference between the money you spend now, and the money you spend before the fire damaged your house. For example, if you use to spend $300 every week for food at home, and now you spend $400, the insurance company will only reimburse $100.

If you need help in claiming your insurance, it is best to consult an attorney that specializes in this case.

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