How to get rid of illegal rent?

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How to get rid of illegal rent?

There are a lot of abusive landlords out there and you best be careful you wouldn’t be robbed off blind by one. When renting a unit, you must get everything into writing. A tenancy agreement is the most legal version of this agreement. Be sure to read every part so you know your rights and your responsibilities.

When the landlord steps over the line by asking extra charges for whatever, no matter how legitimate it sounds, you must always refer back to the tenancy agreement before you hand out your money. Otherwise prepare to be cheated for the rest of the years that you stay in that particular rented unit.

Some illegal rent or illegal charges that your landlord may ask from you and may pass legitimate if you don’t scrutinize are the following:

  1. Repair fees
  2. Cleaning or redecorating fees
  3. Processing fees
  4. Nonrefundable deposit
  5. Holding or reservation fee
  6. Excessive late rent fee
  7. Overnight guest fee
  8. Increase the rent

If your landlord charges you for any of what’s mentioned above, you may have to take legal action. You will not win the favorite tenant award, but you have to make sure such illegal rent and charges should not be tolerated. It’s your responsibility to stop it. Here’s how:

  • Apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board so that you can get your money back
  • Contact IEU or the Investigation Enforcement Unit

These two entities are separate. They will make separate actions and decisions regarding the violation your landlord made. When applying to the Board, make sure you apply right after a breach of contract has been made because the Board will only go back one year to get your money back. The IEU can get your landlord to follow the housing rules as described by the laws both Federal and State. They also have the power to fine your landlord for $10,000 to $50,000.A

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