So you had taken a loan for your abode and you were quite sure about the fact that you will be able to deal with the repayment options and monthly installments. However life is unpredictable and it has brought you to such a position that you are dealing with financial crisis. And it is this crisis which is now leading to Foreclosure of your abode. Although you hate to think about it, this is the reality now; so rather than feeling sad or falling ill with depression it is advisable to take the aid of the legal measures which can actually avoid the situation.

So here is a list of options which you can decide on after careful consideration:-

  1. Reinstate your mortgage- Supposedly you have just come out of a financial crisis it will be best to reinstate your mortgage, which even when pricey can aid you in paying the missed payments which includes fees as well as interest. Consulting with a lawyer would be the best option to get advantage from this.
  2. Negotiate- Indeed you can always negotiate with the lender. You can consult an attorney for the same or can take the aid of some of the best and handy legal services. It is also recommended to have a meeting with the HUD approved housing counselor in order to come to a good workout strategy.
  3. Refinance- This particular possibility is one of most tedious one. It is because a bank has to agree on taking the risk of refinancing your property and for this you will really require having good equity in your house, value curve of the community as well as good credit.
  4. Short sale- For the short sale it is imperative that your lender has agreed to it. In this case however you will not be able to live in your home. And again ensure that the lender releases you from paying the deficiency so as to avoid getting sued for the same.
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