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Problem between parents may lead to child custody issues, If you too are in such situation you can hire lawyers for child custody from here, simply fill your case details on given form and an affordable child custody attorney contact you as they did for following cases.


My son dad fiel coustody, my son live with me , we never was married , he start doing this when he got the suppor letter on the mail , I let him see his son when ever he ask me too on the spring break my mother came to get them i let her take them to youngstown she was suppost to bring them back he did not alow it i had to file a police rep n go pick up my kids they go to school in live with me in my home my coust day is on june 6 2014. plz help

I am a mother of two beautiful young children ages 7 and 5 there father whom recently got out of prison and has be absent for over four years has recently decided he wanted custody of our children and is now taking me to court to accomplish that. he has abused me for 5 years he has tried to killed me im terrified of him and refuse to allow him any whrer near my children i need help please i cant afford an attorney for up to 10 grand. i cant allow him to get ahold of my children he will ruin them and all the hard work ive done with them will mean nothing. im scared and i need help please.

Had a bad break up with ex girlfriend that I have been with for 16 years. We have an amazing 3 year old daughter together. Wont let me see her but when she does i can not leave to go places with her. I cant be around her family when visiting my daughter because they act and say very nasty things. For instance ex girlfriends sister she was going to bust my head open with a baseball bat in front of my daughter. She has overheard many other disturbing conversations that make it hard on Ella and I. Ex girlfriend not answering phone calls or text messages. She hasnt let me be with my daughter in 5 daysnow. She also left state for 3 days when i was supposed to have a play day. I miss my daughter greatly. Last words from ex. We are moving out of state you will never see your kid and she wont even remember who you are

My child has been in foster care for two years, i want to fight to get him back. the attorney i have has been of no help to me throughout this time.

I was with this guy and i do not know if he is the dad or not but he kick me out a week ago and keep my baby she is 7 mouths old and i am breastfeed her and they will not let me see her and no one is try get custody and i need a dna test done soon

I have filed contemp charges on my daughters dad i am being denied representation by courts. my income is minimal. the father has been given court attorney and his income is 10 times what mine is. this whole case i have been stone walled please help

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