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I have several payday loans from 2009 that I cannot repay, and now they have stated that at least one of the companies has filed a bench warrant for me.  I now bring home $1400.00 per month, have lost my house, my car, and have nothing to my name, if arrested I will also loose my job, and I pay child support because during all this I could not properly raise my children with no place to live. I need urgent assistance please… i am just sick.. my parents said that I should file banckruptcy but the attorney that called me today at work stated about the warrant if i didnt pay $2.202.76 today. He asked if i have filed bankruptcy and then stated it wouldnt matter because payday loans are different.  I need some help please.


My wages have been garnished and my bank accounts frozen by creditors for past due amounts owed by debts initiated by my exhusband while we were married, I am now being held responsible for these debts.


I am under financial difficulties, bankruptcy, due to my medical condition. My disability has prevented me from working and as a result, have created financial hardship. Thank you.


I have just tried all I can to pay back my debts and even started with debt counselor but i cant seem to get out of debt. I need to start over.


I have 23 creditors trying to garnish my wages one already is garnishing me for almost 400.00 a month I need help to file bankruptcy please help


I need to file Bankruptcy. I have been for a consult already. I dont have 2,000 for filing. Is there anyone else that would do it for maybe 1/3 of normal amount or pro bono. I am a single Mother. My husband left me. I need to be able to get a fresh start. My daughter is owed over 18,000 in back child support and her father cant be located. I dont make enough money to pay 2,000. I used to work for a attorney. I could possibly do some of the work myself. I just need help. Thanks


I am going threw a divorce my husband and I had file a chapter 13 he stop paying the bankruptcy to get back at me .The creditor start sending me all my bill statement also thing my husband put in my name without me knowing . I would like to file a chapter 7 to wipe out everything . Can you help me get out of debt I only recieve child support now.


I have exhausted all possible way of paying my debts. I am currently working full time and also going to school full time but income is not enough to pay all expenses. some two years ago i lost a better paying and because of that had to change careers and start anew.

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