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Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a process of liquidation

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a process of liquidation. In here the non-exempt assets of debtor are sold by the trustee and there are particular norms of the code which needs to be abided with. Once the assets are sold, the proceedings are distributed to the creditors in accordance with the norms. It is one of the quickest and easiest forms of bankruptcy which can be availed by the individuals, corporations, married couples and also those who are in partnerships. However, not anyone can be eligible for this law.
The eligibilitycriteria for the same involve the qualification of the debtor wherein he or she will have to demonstrate that other than the necessary living expenses he or she is not in the financial stature to pay the debts. The aspects which come under the living expenses include rent of mortgage payments, utilities, car payments, food, clothing, insurance. After calculating the mentioned amount, the debtor should not be left with even 100 dollars to pay the credit or a debt. So basically the Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a way in which the debtor can gain freedom from the unsecured debts.
The above process will definitely need you to hire a lawyer. However what if you are unable to afford one? For circumstances like these there are the Affordable chapter 7 legal services which can be pursued by you. So there are the following considerations which you can go for:-
• You can file your own case.
• You can obtain assistance from a free legal firm or some legal aid society which is there in your area.
• You can also find a pro bono attorney.
• If you are unable to pay the attorney fees upfront for the Chapter 7 bankruptcy you can stretch them by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However you will be required to have enough income to afford the Chapter 13 plan.

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