10 things that you will never hear your Affordable Divorce Lawyer

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10 things that you will never hear your Affordable Divorce Lawyer

Here are 10 things that you will never hear your Affordable Divorce lawyer Say:

  1. You’ll probably end up paying much more than the rate in the advertisement:

Does your Affordable Divorce lawyer know that his ad said that he would win your case for less than $250 even though you have already paid $450 in fees and the case isn’t over yet? Of course he does! Will he tell you? Don’t think so.

  1. My practice is sued a lot:

Now why would your lawyer share this information? That’s right, he wouldn’t.

  1. My lack of fiscal skills may affect your case:

Divorce cases often require accounting knowledge and he knows this, but if he can’t do it, he probably still won’t tell you.

  1. I make false promises.

Divorce Attorneys are like Politicians, they make big promises for you to use their services, even if in reality they can’t fulfill them.

  1. I rarely do divorce cases:

If you are talking to a general lawyer, chances are they rarely do divorce cases, but they often don’t redirect you as they want the case.

  1. Prepare for a Drop in Income:

This always happens and clients are almost never prepared.

  1. Stop Crying:

Lawyers know that this is a stressful time for you so it’s alright to cry.

  1. You don’t need me:

If you know the legal bit, you may not need a lawyer.

  1. I have no time for you:

Once you have the cash, they won’t turn you away.

  1. I’m stalling the case:

The longer the case, the higher the fees, so lawyers sometimes stall their cases.

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