What happens in a traffic ticket jury trial?

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What happens in a traffic ticket jury trial?

Just like any trial in front of a judge, the jury will be selected, and then the judge or clerk will have the jurors sworn in.

Most traffic ticket jury trial will skip the opening statement. But it would be wise not to skip this part because it is important to have the jurors vying for you from the very start. Jurors usually make the decision whether you are guilty or not as early in the trial as possible, so don’t wave your opening statement.

Stand behind the counsel table and face the jury when you deliver your opening statement, don’t walk around the room like what you see in the movies. Look at the jury as you show them the evidences of your innocence.

Your presentation will have a significant effect on the jury‘s decision. Never be offensive or sarcastic even if you weren’t treated properly by the arresting officer. Be straightforward in delivering your presentation to the jury.

In the jury trial, the officer will be on the witness stand answering the prosecutor’s questions. Save your objections for critical issues only. This way, the jurors will not think that you are hiding something from them and so that they will not focus on the issue you objected. However, if the prosecutor is going too far from the real issue, then you may try to object.

Be firm but be respectful as you cross-examine the witnesses of the prosecution.

If you weren’t able to give your opening statement during the start of the trial, it is best to make it before you start your testimony.

When you are being cross-examined, make sure you listen attentively to every question. Do not avoid obvious questions or else the jurors will think you are hiding something.

After the presentation, there will be a closing argument from you and the prosecutor. After that, the prosecutor has to rebut. You prepare your jury instruction to the judge.

Finally, the judge will give his or her instructions to the jury and they will come up with a verdict. If you are found guilty, the judge will assign a later date for your sentence. You chances for appealing will be small if you get convicted in a jury trial.

Try to consult with a lawyer to know exactly the best things to do in a traffic ticket jury trial. While you may think you can handle the hearing yourself, it would be smarter to consult with a legal professional such as a good lawyer to deal with this legal issue.

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