The consequences of getting traffic ticket

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The Consequences of Getting a Ticket

It is the penalties and the fines that irk people so much every time they get pulled over for traffic ticket. The citation can greatly affect the driving privileges and the driving record of drivers.

Fines and penalties vary per state, and it would be best to learn the traffic ticket consequences in your state.

The consequences for traffic tickets for specific violations are usually the same for every part of a state, regardless which part of the state the traffic violation occurred. For example, you might get the same points added to your record for beating the red light in this part of the state as you would if you get it from a different part of the same state. But the fines and penalties may differ as defined by the final ruling of the court. You could even get stiffer consequences depending on your license type, such as regular, learner’s permit, etc.

Lose your license

If you have committed many violations in a short period of time, you are in jeopardy of losing your license. This is true to almost every state. The rules for each state are usually based on a point system.

Increase in vehicle insurance premiums

Your insurance payments could significantly increase if you get traffic tickets, depending on your driving record and your age. This is one of the best scenarios when you can fight a traffic citation, so that you can avoid insurance premium hike.

Go to traffic school to avoid bad driving record

In most states, you can go to traffic schools to avoid the traffic ticket from ending up on your driving record. This strategy will help you avoid paying higher insurance premium. This is quite helpful even if you have to pay for the driving school and spend time in it. The eligibility for traffic school differs in every state. If you committed a serious offense or you’ve received a recent traffic citation, usually, you won’t be allowed to attend driving school.

Undisclosed fine

Even if you go to traffic school, there are still disguised fines you have to pay, which are called “processing fees” and “administrative court costs.” If you plead guilty, you have to pay these fines upfront or you can give regular payments for a certain period of time. If you won’t adhere to these traffic laws, the judge could issue a bench warrant that will lead to your arrest.

Driving record points

Traffic tickets become points added to your driving record. They get added once you plead or are proven guilty. If you simply pay your traffic ticket and plead guilty, points will be added to your driving record, which will increase your insurance premiums and even lead to the suspension of your driving license.

So to sum it all up, avoid getting a ticket really and you don’t have to go through the nuisance of its consequences.

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