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I broke my left arm was trying to drive with my right hand and got pulled over for not maintaining my lane. I received 4 tickets. I need help for tomorrow. Please call me as soon as possible.

I received a ticket in the mail from grove city police department with 5 different charges. I need represented At my court date July 16th.

I have questions on behalf of a  inmate…He was wondering bout represented his cases. speeding, driving while revoke…He suppose had came to court to 6/18/2014 but failure to appear…He had warrant out for his arrest got lock up in Richmond and was sent to new valley river jail…Now just he trying to get a hire lawyer to move his court date up or a least get him a bond…but hedo go court monday for failure to appear in court…Please help

Im aware thatll mean 3 points on my license.  The accident happened while driving to work on a monday morning, @7:45am. I was NOT under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor on my phone in any way. I dont know what exactly happened, except that i blinked and in that time the car veered into a stop sign and fire hydrant. No one was hurt. I was not in a rush to work, as i was on time. I have no prior incidents, except for a minor issue few months ago backing into neighbors too close car. Do i plead “guilty” or “not guilty”? I dont want points on my license, so how should i proceed? And is it or is it not beneficial for me to mention to the judge that i will be having a Checkup at my doctors? I dont mind paying the fine, since i ran into the sign & hydrant, but i would like to know if i should expect any other fees or bills from this incident. Help Please. Sincerely.

License suspended due to an accident that wasnt my fault now they say i owe 5000 dollars when i had insurance

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