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Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be filed easily depending upon your case. Also charges to file your case can go from free to higher again depending up the case. You can also find a lawyer to file your bankruptcy related issues and get legal aid for bankruptcy, following cases already got it, submit your case and get legal aid NOW

I filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy last year and the Trustee has a complaint objecting to discharge. I cannot afford an attorney to fight the charges so I want to represent myself Pro Se. However, I need to file an answer to the court today re: the Trustees Objection to Discharge or at least get in an extension of time request to answer and I cannot find any examples on the website. I need help to get this filed by 4PM today.Thanks!

I need to file for bankruptcy asap and have no money to do so. I was told by my former case worker in Seattle that there was a way to file for free. Please help me with any information that can help.

Need to file bankruptcy due to divorce and can not afford an attorney due to being out of work due to back surgery. Ive just gone back to work part time.

We’ve been to court over past due hospital bills, collection agencies calling our house all the time. I am not working at this time, theres no jobs in the small town we live in,and we have no vehicle to search out of our area for jobs. My husbands hours were just cut to 10 hours a week. We are at or below poverty level, we could really use some help.Our next court date is July 19th for a hospital bill.. We have never filed bankruptcy before,We have within the last year had to sell our wedding rings to pay towards the hospital bills, and we used some of it for food. Please help us with our financial problems.. ThaNK YOU

I need to find free legal help filing bankruptcy, I have no job or income, currently living with a family member. I am 55 lost my husband and have credit card bills over due by 4 months. I cannot afford to pay for the services right now.

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