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Wife cheated with my friend i saw it now won’t let me see my child an i want alimony

My husband wants a divorce but says he doesn’t have to pay me alimony here. he also wants me to file for the divorce but i dont want one. but i know the marriage is over so i am ready to begin the process. we do own a home together but that is all, all other property was obtained during the marriage.

Husband filed for divorce, when we were planning our wedding over 28 years ago we agreed that i would stay home with our children and he would work so i did occasionally when extra money was needed i would get a job when things got better i would stay how with the kids again, we have 5 children ages 31,27, 24 and 12 year old twins one of the twins live with him one lives with me.  the one that lives with me had a number of dr appts monthly and some are only yearly, she had a kidney transplant in 2005, she had colon cancer and she has a lot of mental health issues.  he doesn’t pay child support or alimony.  i need help from someone but i am a stay home mom, have to stay home i am being called from school sometimes a couple times a week due to her mental health situations that also cause disruptive behaviors. thank you

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