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I have 2 city ticket and 2 county i would like to set up a payment arangment but i dont want to goto court couse im scared to goto jail couse i have been very busy trying to get a better job now i have a can pay on these tickets but they have turned in to warrants and i just cant afford to goto jail if i goto court

I need help clearing traffic tickets for my son so he can get his drivers license back so he can go to work and school.

I was parked on the side of a highway with my emergency lights on and 2 police officers tapped on my window, gave me a breathalyzer test and charged me for DUI, although I was not driving at the time they approached me.

I got a speeding ticket about a year or  ago in Stanly County. I missed my courtdarts and I need help resolving my traffic ticket and lower any fines. my case number 13c.r700488. I am disabled and have low income

I got cited for a suspended license plate and its worth 250 for the ticket.I have to appear in court on july 10th Im wondering how much is it to get a lawyer.

I was in jail for dwi in 08 lost my license. I was under the surge program and had to pay off my tickets before I got my license back. Now its 2014 and dallas county is saying I never paid them. I have no record of paying them.

The city of chicago is saying I old them 5000.00 an has booted one of my cars an say i have to pay them for something I had to get. That the ticket came from which was all window sticker, an there is 200.00 an they add it another 288.00 all i want is a sattle payment i didnt no how to contest the ticket in court call ASAP

I have a double suspension that is attached to my car so I can not tag it and to my license so I can not renew it. I doneven know what it is or what it from. Also a long time ago, I got ticket and Icons to jail 3times over same ticket. Is at out the time all 3 times but after grand prairie releases me they reinstate the warrant. I even paid cash for some tickets I had out of dallas county and they still show my tickets unpaid and in warrant status. Is single mom and can not even find a job because I can drive and have no current I

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