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My husband may be filing for a divorce, I do not want a divorce I want to know if he has grounds for a divorce, or if he can make me and my children leave the home.


I am a victim of domestic violance. I need file divorce. I am currently unemoloyed but need file divorce immidiately that way i can return to my home country with out being married.


Have been married for 8 years,separated from my wife and we have joint custody and have only seen my child about 4 times since the seperaction


Husband and I are getting a divorce. he is trying to take primary custody ect. I need help asap. I have no where to turn to.


Need a payment planIn November of 2010 my spouse of 19 years.filed for divorce.  Leaving behind his son 19 and daughter 17 with newborn child born in September 2010.  I had representation at the time we were in negotiation. In February 2012 I received a letter from his attorney advising me he no longer was representing my husband. He also left me with the house that we bought in January 2007 with no way to negotiate with the lender as he held the mortgage and I was only listed on the title of the house. The lender is now open for discussion but not sure were to start. I can not possible pay the current mortgage. I have a part time job off the books for the last 5 years and have cared for both granddaughters while my daughters work full time and go to school. I want to keep my home and I want what I am legal entitled too but I currently do not have the cash to hire a lawyer.


Ex has not been paying according to the legal document.  We are mid way through the process but my attorney is not addressing all of the issues and when I emailed him and called 2 times to leave message to get update, he does not return calls.  When he finally called he said he was about to hang up on me because he was not answering my questions and has lied to me.  He said their was a motion on Friday, when I called family court they said no motion was held.  He gave in to my ex emails but would not look at mine that was proof.  He also told me the non compliance hearing for tomorrow was cancelled.  I called family services and the court office and both said I had to be there, it wasnt cancelled.  There are many other variables involved, but he will not address the issues, yet the court gave my ex 2 years credit of 300 per month based on my exs emails and my lawyer would not even look at the disputing emails.


Need a payment planI am trying to get divorced. I know it is a community property state. My questio is regarding a 401. If we physically split up 3 years ago and I continued to save money in my 401, will my husband be entitled to the saved amount after we split and is he entitled to the portion that my employer contributed on my behalf thank you for any help.

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