How to Deal With Zoning Problems?

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A strategic location can give you the right customers and publicity

Right location is an important factor to running a successful business. A strategic location can give you the right customers and publicity. You may find the right location perfect for your business’ needs. But that property might have some zoning problems and the nature of your business might not be allowed in that area. This is frustrating, but it doesn’t mean you should give up. There are certain codes and ordinances you can use for the administration to favour you.

Business Community Support

Seek help from the business development officials or the chamber of commerce in the city where you plan to establish your business. Show them that your business is an asset and it will provide more employment and income to the public and private sectors. The business community have all the connections from safety officials to lawyers who are adept in zoning matters. They will help you get through your zoning problems if you prove to bring positive effect to the community.

Appeal Adverse Ruling

The zoning or building official may come up with an adverse decision, but that isn’t necessarily final. You can appeal to it and get an adjustment or a variance, which is special zoning law exception. You can also ask for a conditional use permit, which allows you to use the property despite its zoning issues as long as you adhere to certain conditions. Get the support of your neighbours and business community. A written appeal or any other means of expressing support from your neighbours or community can influence the decision of the administration to be in favour for you.

Go to Court, Hire a Lawyer

If all of the options above fail, it is best to bring this matter to court and challenge the zoning administration. This is not going to be easy, which is why it is best to hire an attorney who is an expert on the matter.

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