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Dissolution of marriage granted in 2012. judge reserved spousal support . how can i open my case to receive alimony


I’m suppose to be receiving alimony every week but my ex husband refuses to pay, it was agreed upon when we filed our divorce and also i submitted a motion for contempt but nothing has been done, the courts say i need to file another paper with the court after 30 days and it’s been 30 days and they couldn’t tell me what paper to file next.


I left my husband on 01/09/14 due to the fact i was suspicious of him cheating with a woman he works with which my mom, her friend, and i actual caught him with this women on 01/08/14. i do have phone records and the two eye witnesses. he also moved in with her a week or two after i left from our residence. unfortunately, i do not have the funds to file for divorce and alimony.


I need to get a,divorce from an abusive marriage i’ll i’m asking for is 1500.00 month alimony and insurance i need to know my rights please help me.  been married 14 years he very mentally financially verbally abusive


i was married for 40 years and divorced in july 27th i was abused a lot. my this man i was awarded alimony of 1600 now being on my own i am having a hard time i cant afford medical insurance and out of pocket co pays .i do have several health problems that cause me to see my doctors every month . i need to see if i can get my alimony increased to cover these cost thanks.

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