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Fighting child custody cases require a lot of demonstration , you need to prove if you are able to care your child acc. to the living standards or not, are you able to give your child a life that he/she deserve? Local child custody lawyers can help you to get legal aid for your child custody cases.IF they can help following type of child custody cases why not yours ? you just need to submit your case details quickly.

I need to petition the court to move out of state with our minor daughter. I have sent a certified, return receipt letter notifying her father of our intentions. I have not received a reply, but I am sure he will say no and we will have to put this before the court.

My daughter father Dont let me see my daughter he moved I dont no where no moved to I am calling him and texting me doesnt want me to see my daughter please help me

I have power of attorney on a non relative child that I have had since he was 10 months old. The mother lives in a home with abuse that the where the child was in his mother lap when she was punched in the head by the man she still resides with. He went to jail for assault and bodily injury on the childs mother and she still with him. I just trying to protect this child.

I need a probono lawyer to help me fight my case. i was in a abusive relationship and was asked to leave by CPS and signed a safety plan. i did not return to my abuser. 4 days later CPS took my kids. its been 3 weeks and they are giving me the run around while my children are in foster care. please help me.

I received full custody of my daughter. Then my ex kidnapped her. Gone for two and a half years. My ex was convicted of felony has to stay away but trying to get me old 2009 order which stated she could have supervised visitation. But this was before ex took her and I now live in another county which granted me full custody.

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