Dismissal of charges for Driving under the Influence of Drugs

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Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a combination of both can invite heavy penalties if the charges are proven in court. However, a person has a chance of defending himself in court if it can be established despite of circumstantial evidence that he hadn’t consumed alcohol or drugs at the time of driving. All one need is a good and experienced attorney to help and prove your case in the court.

An example can be considered to demonstrate this. In some district court of some state of the US, the charge of driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) was made on a sanitation worker in his 40s. The drug paraphernalia was under his hand and he had fallen asleep in his car’s driver seat while the motor was running. Believed to have been driving under marijuana influence, he was charged with DUID by the police officer. The man had been previously convicted and was worried about what this charge will do to his future. But he was represented by an experienced attorney to defend him and protect his rights. The attorney threw light on some crucial points that proved to be a turning point for this case.

For a person to be charged with driving under influence of drugs, proof must be produced about the impairment and the operation. The police officer required the man to take tests for alcohol testing, and not drug testing. There is no court case till date for charging someone for driving impairment only under marijuana influence.

The DUID conviction of impairment on the man could not be proved, since the time of consumption, inhalation or ingestion of marijuana by him could not be testified by the officer. After just one court date the charges against him were dismissed, with prejudice upon motion to strike as cause of arrest probability.

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