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Child support case can be complex without right lawyer. Get an experienced and affordable Child support lawyer by submitting your case info in given form as done by others below.


I have two baby mothers ad just got put on child support for my youngest the mother was receiving tana ad I really did not know ad she put me on there for get back I pay more for my son then my daughter been there for my son scene day 1 I nd help explain more when contact


My stepson was abondoned by his mother about 3 years ago and trying to get guardianship of my 14 year old stepson.


My sons father falsifies paperwork o child support, i have no income or job to be able to pay this, i need help with this asap


In 7 months I have only received 800.00 for 3 children.. First I went 6 months without recieving no payment at all. Then received 700.00.  Then last month only received 100.00 last month.  I need help.


I have been fighting a battle with child support for 17 years now and I have a court date Sptember 9, 2014 and I want to go to court sooner it is getting me behind on bills.


My Ex wife has placed Contempt Charges on me over several things that are not true .I have been injured on the job and on workers comp .of which she recieves 50 to 55 percent of my pay. she is advising the courts im employed and not paying child support i need help filing a response to the comtempt charges .Please call or e mail asap i only have 30 day to respond and that started on 28 of May


Trying to receive child support payments from my ex husband. The court has already ordered him to pay after we were divorced in July 2005. Its now 2014. What do I do.

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