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Auto accident can cause you heavy losses, get legal aid and insurance by free consultation from auto accident attorneys in your area, following cases already taking advantage of this service.


This case involves a car accident. My fiance (at the time)was using my car and was hit by another car running a red light. Unfortunately he was not insured for my car at the time as we were not married yet and he never used my car. The driver of the other car claims that it was my now husband who ran the red light. My car was totaled in the accident. There were no police reports and no witnesses. It is simply there word against ours. State Farm is now taking us to court and is wanting us to pay for all of their damages. They are asking for a little more than $5,000.00. My husband and I have a little boy together and we are both full time college students with NO income. We live off of Financial Aid. We feel as though we are completely being taken advantage of and need all the help we can get!


My son was involved in a single car accident & he left the scene.  No one was hurt other than bumps and bruises.  There was extensive damages to the highway guardrail and to his truck.


Being sued for over 25,000 dollars. Plantiff is claiming bodily injury for a false accident that did not happen. I have about 10 days to answer the summons because my insurance company said they can not help me.


My 52 year old husband was rear ended by a man admiitting to speeding and being preoccupied as his daughter. He was underinsured and his Insurance company paid out right away. Our Insurance company was our worst enemy as my husband had a million dollar underinsured policy. At the time we settled we knew my husband had brain damage and had to file for bankruptcy. I quit my job to take care of him as he couldnt be left alone. The fact that he was going to die from this brain injury was not even something I thought of at the time. He was a 52 year old tall, slim, healthy husband and father of 7. He died 7 years and 2 month later after having numerous grand mall seizures, loss of memory, including forgetting all our kids and developed Dementia which later turned into Alzheimers. No family history of it and he was one of 7 siblings. There was never any action taken on the man who caused my husbands death, not even a speeding ticket. Once he died, I felt sure that he would be indicted for negligent or vehicular homicide, but I have been blocked at every attempt to get some vindication for him. How is it possible that no action can be taken? Had he not been wearing a seat belt he most likely would have gone thru the windshield and died at the scene. Instead he suffered for over 7 years before he died of his injuries. What is wrong with our legak system that a man who causes the death of another faces no consequences at all. I have had plenty of alone time to get more info on TBIs and Alzheimers over the years. Enough to be told by The Alzheimers Association that with no family history his odds of developing Alzheimers was miniscule. Because he didnt die at the scene, does that not make him any less dead? or the man who hit him any less at fault. Settling with the insurance companies certainly didnt make me think that if he died their would be no charges brought against him. And I didnt even think that was a possibility until about a year before he died as surely people live with brain damage. How would I have even thoug


While driving at night on a dark road I did not see a young girl standing in front of a driveway. My side mirror hit her and she fell and hurt her foot. I had no car insurance and her parents said I need a lawyer because they have one . Apparently they are suing me.

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